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Overview information

Deus Ex 1
Publisher/Year: Ion Storm, 2000
Genre: FPS
Difficulty earmarks: Instant death scenarios (constant), slow character maturity, unpredictable mechanics
Guide Name: Deus Ex 1 Hardcore Guide
Time for 1 run: Pending
Primary Contributor: Pending

Deus Ex 1 a landmark, spine-rockingly awesome game that everyone who is even remotely interested in shooters should play. It is the quintessential crown jewel of hardcore gaming, and the purest paragon of how insanely difficult playing under hardcore rules can be. From the first enemy you see to the last, the threat of instant death hangs over your head like a bladed pendulum. Completing a hardcore run of this game gives you instant bragging rights among all your gamer friends.

Don't be surprised if they make fun of you for all the alcohol and sex you missed out on while accomplishing this feat, though.

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