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Welcome to, the site dedicated to quality walkthroughs and guides focused on completing games without dying or reloading. Our guides are geared towards caution, never leading you into deathtraps or telling you to "reload until it works". Our guides emphasize skill and preparation, demonstrating that a game doesn't have to look like a thousand lucky breaks marked by frequent reloading. A character death to us means starting over.

All games are welcome here, as are specialty walkthroughs and artificial rules that make games more interesting. The only thing we do not allow here is cheating and, of course, reloading. We are dedicated to the highest quality guides and data for the games we host on the Internet. We are a community of the highest caliber gamers. We don't cheat, twink or reload - we play it hardcore.

All of the glory. None of the dying. Playithardcore.

Currently Supported FAQs/Walkthroughs

Non-Canon Guides and Walkthroughs

These are guides for games that don't meet certain criteria for playing on Hardcore, such as an inherently pointless combat system or an already-integrated system to handle character death aside from "Game Over", but are still beloved by the guide author. Some of the guides were added due to existing guides being incomplete or too scattered, outdated or otherwise unsatisfactory. We here at PIH are lovers of games, old and new alike, and hope that these guides get people interested in them

Ultima 6: The False Prophet

Ultima 7: The Black Gate

Ultima 7: The Serpent Isle

If you don't see a game you love up here, console or PC, feel free to start your own guide!

Please see the FAQ page for further clarification of our purpose and important information regarding the site. If you're doing anything besides just reading the wiki, we assume you've read the FAQ. Then, use the search bar or start browsing the Genres to get started!

  • NOTE: This wiki is still quite new and is under heavy construction. If you are a gamer who is thrilled by the idea of completing games without ever dying or even if you're just a challenge junkie, feel free to start pages for your favorite games! See the Created Page Standards for a rundown of the sysops' expectations (trust me, it's not picky). Further, if you're interested in helping us create logos or styles for the wiki, head on over to our forum topic and submit your work! Alternatively, go to the Help Request page to see what our current needs are.
  • NOTE: A list of current recognized staff and significant contributers is on the PlayItHardcore Staff page.
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